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Adopt and scale new cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure. Blue9 Technologies can help you rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely management your hybrid environment.

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In today’s digital reality, enterprises need strategies that enable traditional IT to work in harmony with analytic-intense data streams located on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge. Pressure to move information processing close to the data — due to high data volumes, data variety, and the need to minimize analytic latency — is forcing enterprises into public clouds at a remarkable rate. Even enterprise transactional systems are beginning to migrate and transform for agility and flexibility. As the industry undergoes this dramatic transition, hybrid IT operations that span on-premises, data center, cloud and edge become essential.

Hybrid IT embraces integrated teams that have development, deployment and operational experience and blend business, IT and partner expertise. These teams focus on business outcomes for accelerated performance while driving learning at scale. In a nutshell, hybrid IT takes modern approaches, including DevOps, automation, community sourcing, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and pulls the legacy environment forward to provide more business value.

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