Cyber Defence

Blue9 Cyber Defense Services include comprehensive advisory and managed security services to mitigate breaches and help you fullly understand the threats you face. our services range from threat intellingence,monitoring and threat detection to threat hunting and incident response, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, and executive protection services.


Digital Identity

Blue9 Technologies provides end-to-end Digital Identity Services to maange authentication credentials, users, identity risk and compliance. Blue9's services enable you to manage access to important data and gain control of identity management for your customers,partners, employees, connected devices and digital services, including the relationships among all of them . Our IAM services support a customer experience that delights, wins loyalty and builds trust.


Data Protection

Security breaches and data theft have devastating business outcomes. Adverse publicity is only the beginning. The potential liablity for lost or stolen customer data , and even fines from regulatory bodies, mean that chief information security officers must fomulate and be able to demonstrate a resilient data protection and privacy expertise and experience to help you understand risks to business-critical data.


Security Infrastructure

Blue9 Technologies provides infrastructure and endpoint security services designed to lower enterprise data and network risk,improve security protection, and enable business innovation and growth . Blue9's services position you to reduce your cyber risk,