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Travel and Hospitality

Today’s travel and hospitality businesses face increasing competitive pressure to provide the best customer experience, build loyalty and expand services. Whether helping people or goods reach their destinations, industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize aging infrastructure and outdated processes, as well as embracing connected platforms to help them deliver differentiated services and experiences that delight travelers.
Blue9 Technologies has more than 3 years of experience helping travel and hospitality companies harness the power of innovation and compete in today’s customer-centric environment. Our clients in travel and hospitality manage digital disruption, industry consolidation and modernization—all while delivering new services to a demanding public.
Leading industry brands trust our teams to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes.
Blue9 Technologies has a history of providing advanced technology solutions to many of the world’s best travel & hospitality businesses. We help modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating digital solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce expenses, create new revenue opportunities, and provide a connected digital solution experience for their users.
With over 25 travel and hospitality clients globally, Blue9 Technologies offers solutions that help you grow revenue streams, differentiate your services and increase capacity while providing a seamless customer experience.
Airlines & Airports

As industry trends change and fresh thinking challenge the status quo, airlines and airports need solutions that boost efficiency while improving the passenger experience through the journey’s end.

Rail & Mass Transit

Rail solutions help transport companies, mass transit authorities and infrastructure operators increase the capacity, reliability, and safety for the movement of both passengers and goods.

Freight & Logistics

Companies face new demands for complete, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain as consumer expectations change. Learn how to optimize the supply chain for increased efficiency and profitability.


Travel is all about the guest experience, and Hospitality companies strive to meet guest expectations. For today’s travelers, that means delivering an experience that is mobile, convenient and personalized.

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